Q & A

Am I going to get in trouble?
Nothing will happen to you as long as the baby is not a victim of abuse or any other crime.

What happens to the baby?
The baby will be examined by a doctor and provided any medical care needed. The local children and youth agency will take custody of the baby and find a family for the baby.

What if I change my mind?
If you change your mind and want your baby back, you’ll need to call your county children and youth agency.

How can I be sure that no one will find out?
As long as the baby hasn’t been harmed, you don’t have to give anyone any information about you or the father of the baby – not even your name. No information is necessary and no questions will be asked. You can provide family medical information if you want to OR you can take a health history form to fill out later and mail in anonymously. Remember, as long as the baby hasn’t been hurt and is under 28 days old, you will not get into trouble with the police.

Do I have to give my baby to someone or can I just leave it at a hospital or police station?
To make sure that your baby gets the care it needs, you can give your baby to a hospital staff member without having to give them any information. If you don’t want to do that, as long as you leave the baby at a hospital, you don’t have to give the baby to anyone. Some hospitals even have a crib or bassinet for you to put the baby in. If you take the baby to a police station, you must give the baby to a police officer.